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Before Buying a Logo Design Tool

If you are considering buying a professional logo design tool and DIY special logos by yourself, be aware that most of the professional logo design tools is not so easy for green hand to grasp. Much time and efforts are required.

You need software, clip art, and fonts to go along with your logo design talents. While there are a multitude of choices for each, there are a few more popular, industry-standard software programs that serious designers should consider. The field is wide-open as to clip art and fonts but there are certain packages that can help new designers get up and running quickly.

  • Image Editing Software
    Logos for the Web, even if created initially with illustration software, will need to be converted to GIF or JPG. A bitmap program handles that job and usually allows for other special effects, including simple animation. They are also ideal for integrating photo-realistic elements into your logo design for Web or print. Adobe Photo shop and Corel Photo-Paint are examples of image editors.
  • Illustration Software
    Illustration or drawing programs produce scalable vector artwork making them ideal as the all-around logo design tool. For commercial printing, scalable EPS graphics are the format of choice and import easily into most major page layout programs for creating letterhead, business cards, and other documents. CorelDRAW and Adobe Illustrator are examples of illustration software.
  • Fonts
    Some logos consist entirely of text while others incorporate text and images. Individual characters can be manipulated to create interesting logo design. You'll need a good selection of display or decorative faces, text faces, and even dingbats and flourishes. Choosing TrueType or Type 1 fonts is a matter of preference but it is usually best to build your collection around one format or the other.
  • Clip Art
    Clip art is a matter of taste. Key points to consider when choosing a package are style, variety, and format. You may develop preferences over time, but initially look for a wide range of styles such as modern, retro, iconic, or cartoonish. You'll also want a variety of types of images such as food, business, people, and shapes. EPS or WMF images will generally provide the most flexibility.


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Recommended Logo Design Solution - Sothink Logo Maker

Now I will introduce you a low-cost, yet professional logo design tool, Sothink Logo Maker, which is extremely easy to use and can help even novice to fast design high-quality company logo, business logo, web signature, button, icon, etc. Just pick a style template, enter your (company) name, and apply special visual effects to logo images and texts. That's all!

Main features of the recommended logo design tool

  • Industry-leading logo design tool that provides over 90 well designed built-in templates.
  • Offers a Resource Library which stores large quantities of logo images by category. Searching images is supported.
  • Customize special effects for logo images/texts, like Color, Shadow, Bevel and Glow.
  • Import images of JPG, PNG or BMP format for logo design.
  • Import Flash SWF resources and extract the vector graphic to use as high resolution logo design images.
  • Export logo graphic to JPG, PNG or BMP format as needed.

More features of the recommended logo design tool >>

  • Sothink Logo Maker - Design Logo, Logo Creator, Company Logo
  • Logo Maker

  • - DIY professional logo design in minutes
  • About Sothink Logo Maker

    It is an intuitive and extremely simple logo design tool for you to fast design high-quality company logo, business logo, web signature, button, icon, etc. Rich built-in templates, preset color & effect styles, and well designed logo images will fully satisfy your needs and make your logo unique. The great editing capability also ensures a smooth and pleasant logo design process.

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