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Don't just take our word about Sothink Quicker for Siverlight.  Here are what others say about our versatile animation maker for Microsoft Silverlight, especially some of which come from famous software download sites over the Internet:


Piserth' Blog (From Microsoft Silverlight Team)

"Animations Made Easy with Quicker for Silverlight!"

"As a developer, rapid working is the most require. Learning new technologies also can't miss.
Silverlight and WPF are the great staffs ready for business application for both web and win. These great staff come with brand new idea of De{sign/velop}er, so learning and working on these technologies are really cool. There're several tools available for dev, rank from small to large footprint such as XamlPadx, Kaxaml, Eclipse, Expression Blend, Visual Studio 2008. But wait, you miss one, since Silverlight 2 just released my eyes keep tracking on the several tools for building Silverlight App, Thank SourceTech, Sothink Quicker for Silverlight deployed to help us on building Animation Staff.
Let's see why I recommend you try this staff. Sothink Quicker for Silverlight not just only for building Silverlight App, but It also for WPF.

It supports for Silverlight 2, but sorry guy this staff is mostly for Animation, So it'll generate Silverlight 1.0 project for you. Yes, Silverlight 1.0 Project (XAML and JavaScript ), so Markup depends on XAML and Action is JavaScript.
Even it's Silverlight 1.0 project, but this staff give you the most you need such as Drawing, Multimedia, Animation, Color and fill, Export and Import.,etc.
You can work with its toolbox, providing you the great tool such as Shape, Pen, Ink, Text...

With keyframe, it's the best way to handle Animations, just drag and drop you're done.
It also supports Importing other staff such as flash(.swf),Shape(.ai, .svg, .wmf, .emf),Image(.jpg, .png, .png, .jpe, .gif), Multimedia(.mp3, .wav, .mpg, .mpeg)
And finally the most greatest thing that I like is exporting, It allows us to export our project as final production and Expression Blend Project that we can modify and update it in Expression Blend and Visual Studio 2008 as well.

See its demo here,Lighthouse a very simple but great.
Why not try it? Check it out for more..."

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Gaurav Arora (From

Sothink Quicker Silverlight is a professional's tool provide animation creation for MicroSoft Silverlight. Creating the animation is the easiest task with Sothink Quicker. Its easier to also for Flash developer as this works same for Silverlight as for Flash. Now, Quicker for Silverlight V3.0 is a part of Microsoft Silverlight tools of SourceTec which is a Certified Microsoft Silverlight Partner.

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Empfehlungsschreiben von Sothink Quicker für Silverlight

Excellent animation software I've used for Silverlight 2.

--Tony McGaugh

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    Sothink Quicker für Silverlight ist ein professioneller Microsoft Silverlight Animation Creator für die folgende Generation der Netzerfahrungen. Es ist einfach, Silverlight Animationen zu erstellen. Sie erstellen Silverlight Animation mit der gleichen Weise wie Flash Kreation! Die nützlichen Bestandteile sind vorhanden, wie Zeitachse, Bibliothek, zeichnende Methode. Sothink Quicker für Silverlight ist eine optimale Weise zur Erstellung von Sliverlight Animation.
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Datei Größe: 12.5 MB
Neueste Version: 3.0
Betriebssysteme: Windows XP SP2, Windows Server 2003/Vista

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