Version History of SWF to Video Converter

Current Version: SWF to Video Converter 2.4 (Build 80312)

Enhanced Features:

  • Converted files can be played more smoothly.
  • Support recording original sound directly so users do not need to adjust the audio settings any more.
  • The output animated GIF can be played more smoothly by enhancing the control of frame rate.
  • Add more prompts for easier operation.

Fixed Bug:

  • When converting to AVI audio, the improperly settings of bit rate and sample rate caused no sound in converted file or failure.
  • Some errors happened in AVI encoding.

SWF to Video Converter 2.3 (Build 70809)

New Features:

  • Add settings for conversion and snapshot
  • Can end capturing when reaching the last frame
  • Can record and display the numbers of played frames after clicking "play and capture" or "start capture" button.
  • Take snapshots during the conversion.

Enhanced Features:

  • Now users can operate in the program through keyboard too

Fixed Bugs:

  • Loaded Flash files with wrong background
  • The first frame of certain converted video was black
  • Some images were surrounded with black lines when converting video to image format like BMP, JPG etc.
  • The format of created MPEG (DVD) video was not standard
  • The Flash files wouldn't play if using tab key for several times on Capture window

SWF to Video Converter 2.2 (Build 70618)

Enhanced Features:

  • Adjust volume for recording with ease by dragging slider

Fixed Bugs:

  • Can't work on Win98

SWF to Video Converter 2.1 (Build 70515)

Enhanced Features:

  • Save last conversion settings for users' convenience

Fixed Bugs:

  • Wrong recording device settings to certain sound card
  • Task failed when converting some video with VBR formatted MP3 audio

SWF to Video Converter 2.0 (Build 70429)

New Features:

  • Convert SWF to MPEG video
  • Convert SWF to 3G video (3GPP/3GPP2)
  • Convert SWF to PSP movie (MP4)

Enhanced Features:

  • Add eyedropper function. Users can set transparent color for watermark more conveniently
  • Users can adjust volume with a simple slider
  • Simplified configuration for recording sound

Fixed Bugs:

  • Can't choose frame by frame convert mode when source file is a single frame SWF
  • Certain incompatible problem occurred on Windows Vista

SWF to Video Converter 1.1 (Build 70126)

New Features:

  • Enable users to open SWF file in SWF to Video Converter through the right-click menu.
  • Add "Frame rate" option for converting SWF to Image series.
  • Exchange button's position in Capture window.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Sometimes the on-line Help is not opened correctly.
  • The size of output video file can not be greater than 2G.
  • About Sothink SWF to Video Converter

    Sothink SWF to Video Converter is a professional Flash converter for SWF to video conversion. It converts Macromedia Flash SWF to AVI, MPEG, iPod/PSP (MP4), 3GP, animated GIF, image series and more other popular formats.
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System Requirements


Windows 2000 / XP /Server 2003 / Vista /Server 2008

Product Info

File Size: 6.02 MB
Latest version: 2.4
Build number: 80312
Release date: 17th Mar, 2008
Uninstall: Supported


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