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"If you think Flash is the grooviest thing to come along since sliced bread, this Firefox add-on will suit you nicely.

Sothink Flash Downloader For Firefox is for folks who like All Things Flash. Launching the utility from the Tools menu opens a vertical pane on the left side of the Firefox window adorned only by a simple menu. When we visited a site with embedded Flash flicks--whether e-cards, games, or other items--Sothink listed the items by name in the vertical pane. We were able to add URL and size details to the list easily by clicking options from a drop-down list on the panes' menu bar. We were able to save the items to a folder of our choice by right-clicking the item's name in the list.

This free tool doesn't offer any features beyond what we've described here, but it performed quickly in all our tests, and it's pleasingly simple to use. Any Firefox user interested in compiling a Flash library will find Sothink Flash Downloader For Firefox a handy little tool."

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"It can help me to catch swf on web page! Great FREE software, I like it!"



"I downloaded both the IE and Firefox versions and both do exactly what they say they do."



"Simple, clean and easy-to-use!"



"No matter where you find a video you like, most likely on YouTube, with this program, a small window opens and asks you, if you want to download it or not. You can choose where to download and give the file your own name - and voilà! You have it on your hard-disk. Easier way to get the video's you want will be hard to find."

--Bhorr Thunderhoof


"A really helpful little add-on, I use it frequently with no problems!"



"I have used Sothink SWF Catcher for a couple days for grabbing educational materials for teachers in a school that I manage in Indonesia. There is so much great teaching material on the web, some in the form of SWF files. Since our internet is unstable, our students cannot always use these files in situ; hence downloading is preferred. Your program works very well, thank you."



"The SWF Catcher works perfectly and even downloads files on sites demanding the download of plugins declared mandatory for seeing their files."


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    Es ist eine handliche und nützliche Firefox Plug-in für Flash-Speichern/Flash-Herunterladen vom Netz. Erhalten Sie den Flash Downloader und genießen Sie intuitivere Schnittstelle; schnellere Herunterladengeschwindigkeit; Multisprachenschnittstelle; Unterstützung für Windows und Mac; Kompatibilität mit der neuesten Version Firefox; Einklicken Operation, ohne URL zu kopieren & zu kleben… Unterschiedliche Flash Herunterladen-Erfahrung. Keine Notwendigkeit, sich um Verlust von interessierten online Flash mehr zu sorgen!
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