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  • CoolButton is a WYSIWYG web page navigation button maker that can create smart, efficient Java button applets (CoolButton) with no need of coding. With CoolButton, users can add images, text and sound to their button applets. CoolButton can also be integrated with Sothink HTML Editor.
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Sothink Cool Button

Features of CoolButton

  • Easy guide on interface
  • Create buttons by clicking or "draw"
  • Support more ways to add the button to web pages
  • WYSIWYG drag and drop preview control
  • Arrange Button's size, position by drag-drop
  • Unlimited number of buttons
  • Define the web path for image/audio or Java .class file
  • Fully customize the Button
  • Use Image(s) on buttons
  • Undo support
  • Use any color for fading and more fading style choices
  • Button's background can be transparent
  • Three statuses supported (normal, mouse over, clicking)
  • Compatible with I.E. and Netscape
  • Tour and Help supplied to both evaluating and registered users

Support Platform

  • Win 95/98/Me/Win NT 4.0/ 2000/XP

Support Platform


Win 95/98/Me/Win NT 4.0/Win 2000/Win XP


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